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“According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death.”

Our company is a media-training, coaching and video production company based here in Las Vegas. We have a combined forty (40) years of broadcast television producing and directing experience in major television markets across the country. Our primary clients are on-air personalities, corporate executives, spokespeople and celebrities who appear on television and radio.

We offer training and coaching for those people representing your company or association. We work with top executives from Fortune 500 companies nationwide, as well as local companies and personalities and actors here in Las Vegas.

Polished delivery of your message, performance or sales pitch is critical to properly illustrate the correct message, product or services. Too often, the people out front, who deal with all types of media, can do more damage than good if they are not properly prepared and trained to handle reporters during taped or live interviews. This is especially true for LIVE interviews and AMBUSH questions.

We train and coach those people in a variety of areas including speaking skills, voice and pace control, acting techniques, critical thinking, projection, poise, confidence, connecting with the audience and camera presence, attire, hair and make-up, just to name a few. Every client is assessed and video-taped during our sessions, after our initial free consultation to determine specific needs and training modules, which are individually designed. IMAGE IS EVERYTHING.


Our Team



Mr. Hattal is an Emmy award winning executive producer and director who has spent his career launching and developing the “Good Day” brand for FOX television stations in Chicago, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Seattle. He has operated as an Executive for FOX, CBS & NBC in major television markets, and has worked with Hollywood celebrities and CEOs from Fortune 500 companies including Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, American Security Bank, and Sara Lee Corporation, creating marketing strategies and response criteria during difficult and uncertain economic times when shareholders required confidence and reassurance. He has decades of experience guiding newsroom coverage of every major news event from the assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan, the Tylenol–pill-bottle tampering murders in 1982, the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center to the Gulf Oil Spill. Mr. Hattal holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Maryland.  He is a member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA).



Mr. Cohen is a highly regarded expert in media and media relations who has a broad background in handling high profile cases as a journalist and as a crisis manager. He has operated as a senior news executive for many of the most prestigious and largest local newsrooms in the United States. While at CBS, he was the news director of both WCBS and KCBS, and later served as Vice President and General Manager of WCAU TV in Philadelphia. Mr. Cohen is an Emmy award winner and was also the founding executive producer and Co-creator of Court TV. He oversaw and directed the coverage of many high profile cases from William Kennedy Smith’s rape case to the trial of Rodney King, the coverage of the Clarence Thomas hearings and the resultant Anita Hill testimony in the confirmation hearings. As a consultant, Mr. Cohen developed non–state run media opportunities in China for investors; opened new markets for film production in Beijing; and created new network cable concepts for emerging media interests. He has also advised Aruba on crisis management and assisted in the creation of a planned approach to protect economic interests while dealing with outside media pressures. Mr. Cohen holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Education, and a Masters degree in Modern Diplomacy both from Pennsylvania State University. He also has a Masters degree in Journalism from the University of Michigan.




Ms. Limbrick has been in the IT industry for over 17 years specializing in Information Technology and Web design. An SEO maven who believes that great web design begins with search engine optimization, Ms. Limbrick is experienced in many web platforms along with various code and scripting languages, such as Java, C+, PHP, Perl, Ruby, MySql, ASP, and Javascript. She is also an expert in computer hardware and software with A+ and Net + certifications from CompTIA and extensive knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite of design products. Ms. Limbrick graduated from University of Phoenix with a Bachelors of Science degree in Multimedia, Visual Communications and Web Design.



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