CEO Service

Strategic Mapping of Core Objectives

This service provides a full day of , in depth, guidance through the process of creating a mission statement, setting a long term strategy, and establishing tactics to execute action towards achievable goals.

The process utilizes a variety of techniques gleaned from traditional, American Management Association mission mapping to integral leadership applications. This mix of disciplines enables a rigorous process that tests the underlying premise of the business and establishes pathways to success.

The Mapping offers:

  • Creation of Mission Statement
  • Assessment of Counter forces to Success
  • Outcome and Input Analysis
  • Pathways to short term goals
  • Tactics to ensure success for goal assessment
  • Motivating and assigning tasks based upon skill sets
  • Review of Media impact on goal attainment
  • Balancing new and old media to accelerate success
  • Establishing Performance Milestones


This is a unique process that provides an intense , but actionable gameplan for any enterprise. It will enable a CEO and the team to grasp opportunities, identify obstacles, and enable a strategy to achieve success based upon a long term road map.

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