Crisis Messaging



Most crisis management falls into classic public relations strategies developed for Fortune 500 companies and their extensive, if ossified, public relations staffs. Evolving media platforms, instantaneous information flow, and the 24/7 news cycle have altered the landscape that a company in crisis must confront with a viable response that will not damage the entity, while offering an ethical response. This response must serve corporate stakeholders, the consumer, media, and those immediately impacted by the crisis at hand.

Our Approach

In a day-long session, we explore all aspects of creating a plan, analysis of crisis and outcomes, creating a narrative, adapting the message to a timeline, offering remedy, and how to prepare to present the narrative in an effective manner across all media platforms

Outline of Topics We Will Cover

  • Purpose of Defusing Crisis, Seeking Resolution, Offering Remedy
  • Essential tools to develop and own the Narrative
  • Empathy and Ethics (who are the real victims)
  • Staging Responses
  • Owning Twitter, Facebook, You Tube
  • Creating a Task Force (Crisis team)
  • Establishing Positions
  • Predicting Outcomes and Responses
  • Media Training (handling Q and A-including “murder bowl taping”
  • Constant Evaluation (Adaptation Response)
  • NO COMMENT – not a response
  • Preparation of response (track record, safety record, company definition)
  • Causative Factors (how they help and hinder narrative)
  • Fighting back (getting ahead of negative responses)
  • Recovery and Remedy (finding answers and remedy)


Creating the Task Force Specifics

  • Who serves on the crisis team
  • Qualities of crisis leaders
  • Who is best spokesperson
  • Essential training for speakers
  • Handling media in all forms (press releases to viral postings)
  • Meeting dynamics
  • Control of narrative and leaks


Proportionality Specifics

  • How large or small is this crisis?
  • Establishing parameters for response
  • Adapting to changing dynamics of story
  • Calming media storm
  • Finding paths to heal those most effected


Practice Formulas Specifics

  • Set scenarios
  • Practice against scenarios
  • Critique and Adapt narratives
  • Inform teams of results
  • Prepare all units for Crisis Calming Essentials , until full team activates


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