Media Training Bootcamp

An intensive two-day, hard-core Media Training Boot Camp that offers a full understanding of how to message modern media across multiple platforms. Focus and modules include understanding complex issues of message selection, and how to effectively portray them on different distribution channels. Participants are engaged in understanding audiences, reviewing outcomes, and selecting appropriate channels for communicating concepts and ideas.

Practical applications enable participants to simulate actual interview situations, critique performance and review in a collaborative environment, the effectiveness of communication techniques. Modules include:

  • Review of Non-Verbal Indicators
  • Framing the Message
  • How to Respond to Q and A
  • Mock Interviews
  • Use of Language to be Effective
  • Tips on Preparation
  • Overcoming Nervous Presentation
  • Breathing, Pacing and Sound
  • Choosing the Message
  • Responding to Attacks
  • Dealing with Media Types
  • Dealing with the Show Booker


This training offers insights into the process of message creation, and staying on point. It also explores verbal and non verbal cues that enhance communicating ideas and themes that are critical to achieving successful messaging and other desired outcomes.


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