Media Training

The Cynthia Daniel Company is a communications skills development firm. We train people to effectively engage and influence others through the spoken word.  We offer 20 different training modules and tailor each of them to meet your specifics needs.

  • Creating Memorable Moments
  • Improving Posture
  • Eliminating “Um, Er & You Know”
  • Being Clear & Concise
  • Controlling Your Breathing
  • Handling Ambush Interviews
  • Overcoming Nervousness
  • Getting Action From Your Message
  • Answering Interview Questions
  • Creating Enthusiasm
  • Using Method Acting
  • Changing Voice & Pitch
  • Understanding The Message
  • Developing Relaxation Exercises
  • Improving Projection
  • Mastering Inflection
  • Controlling Facial Expressions
  • Mastering Diction & Enunciation
  • Utilizing Critical Thinking
  • Maximizing Energy & Passion
  • Building Self Confidence

Our mission is to help people to become confident and proficient communicating their message or facing the media.  We help clients develop the necessary skills for a successful encounter and performance, for a variety of situations.  We work with a wide range of individuals – from doctors, lawyers, judges, actors, reporters, anchors, professional spokespeople, marketers and business executives.  We also train staff members who have primary responsibility as media spokespersons, and who may have to interact briefly with reporters until a designated spokesperson is available.  If your job requires that you TALK to other people, we can help you become more effective at delivering your message—whatever it is.

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