Oral History

Whether it is a corporate anniversary or a grandparent with a lifetime of stories to pass on, both are worthy of memorializing for future generations. Using the SHOAH techniques, gleaned from interviewing Holocaust survivors, we provide clients with perfect questions for their oral history projects. We know how to identify and capture the important stories and follow up on the family or corporate culture, and provide visual and graphic support for the project.  No subject is too sensitive or too frivolous. If you want to save a thought, develop a video scrapbook, our OH (Oral Histories) projects can offer a unique way to encapsulate a period of family or corporate history, recapture the past, or document a special moment.  Modules included:


  • Experienced interviewers
  • In-depth analysis of subject matter
  • Research on topics to be covered
  • Full video production
  • Multiple platform opportunities
  • Strategic planning to chart long term prospects for other Oral Histories
  • Ability to travel to the subject with full production crew


Our OH projects are offered with an eye towards sensitivity and the value of the video documentation over the long term to our clients. This is more than a keepsake, but an important record of the thoughts and concerns of the subject. We take this responsibility with a certain solemnity and trust that is worthy of the client’s needs and that of the subject.

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