Reporter Training

Reporters, and even anchors, can fall into patterns of presentation that can hamper effective and impactful communication with viewers. These standard patterns can make strong presenters actually appear uninspired. Combining years of experience in broadcast journalism, our team will improve your presentation skills, your story telling style, and add zest to your delivery. Whether you are an experienced anchor or a beginner, you will be offered exposure to techniques and methods reserved for top level professionals and created by our team. Modules include:


  • Look and overall presentation
  • Wardrobe, appropriate clothing choices
  • Voice work, overall quality
  • Finding the right tone
  • Story structures
  • Effective stand ups
  • Anchor skills (pacing, pauses, and posture)
  • Interpretative Readings
  • Developing stories that matter
  • One man band operations and tricks
  • Head and hand positions
  • Makeup
  • Speed of Presentation
  • How to Ad Lib with meaning
  • How to get “Read In”
  • Becoming a Real Newsperson


Becoming a great reporter is more than presentation and look. It also involves a total commitment to understanding issues and content. This service is a starter kit on how to command all aspects of reporting, and, it will motivate you to become the best reporter you can be through the application of our techniques and cues.


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