Rhetorical Tools

All of our modules use interactive techniques that bring the client into a direct involvement with the developing skill sets. The module “guide” offers overview and helps to set goals, but it primarily encourages “hands on” participation. These techniques become part of a natural evolution of the learning experience. We use progressive video-taping with immediate feedback and critique, and client’s self- analysis on all modules.  While we offer specific goals for each session, people all advance at their own pace. Some of the modules below require several sessions.  We offer many opportunities for out-of-session learning and feedback on an as-needed basis as well.  Our ultimate objective is to help you become a better communicator who is prepared to deliver his/her message to audiences with precision, confidence and skill.

All speaking and media work enlists certain tools of speech. This tool box of skill sets can be learned through exercises designed to enhance natural capabilities. By working on each skill set, and then combining them, a communicator can grow exponentially to achieve effective messaging.  These include:

  • Diction and Articulation
  • Being Clear & Concise
  • Pace
  • Inflection
  • Exploring word groups and difficult structures
  • Problems with certain words, phrases and components of language
  • Projection, voice & pitch
  • Breathing from full chest, forcing air through air passages without sounding shrill
    • Finding the right timbre for speech, modulating tone
    • How to use breath for emphasis, command, and emphasis
    • The power of softer tones and whispers


  • How to avoid pause crutches
  • Eliminating Um and Err,
    •  “ That being said”
    •  “ Do you get what I’m saying”
    •  “ In other words”
  • Planning phrases and focus on what’s next
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